Unapologetically Amplifying Diverse Creators!

Fantasy, science fiction, or speculative fiction are essential to our reality. The stories we love shape our imagination and inspire how we touch the world we live in. Now, more than ever, we need new voices, new heroes, and new stories. That's where (SF/F)or the Culture comes in. We exist to be a siege engine against the gatekeepers while we elevate and unapologetically amplify under-represented creators and POC voices. Our goal is to bring you diverse, cutting edge, world-class fantasy science fiction, horror and whatever else we can dream up for the culture, and a better tomorrow!


Author Submissions

In our mission to amplify and edify BIPOC authors we are always looking for talent however at this time submissions are currently closed. Please familiarize yourself with our current titles and sign up for our mailing list for updates!

Artist Submissions

Artist submissions are open! If you are and artist introduce yourself to us with a submission based on one of our current titles to sffortheculture@gmail.com! 

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