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Featured Titles

Emperors & Assasins

 A failed protector. A man with nothing left to live for. And a rebellion in need of a hero.

Viridius Vispanius spent his entire life with only one goal—protect the Emperor. When a terrible betrayal results in the Emperor’s death and Viridius’ failure, he has nothing left. With a verdict of execution and a price on his head, he disappears into the wilds of the Batopian wilderness, determined to drink himself into forgetfulness or death, whichever comes first.
But when an old friend reappears, Viridius is given a choice—continue to wallow in his failure, or become the hero that Delos desperately needs. With the Rebellium recently pushed back by the tyrannical new Emperor, Viridius may be the last hope of a desperate people in need of exactly that.

If a man has no friends, he can never be betrayed. But can Viridius find it within himself to become the hero that he never wanted to be?

The Road of Resistance: Part I

The Wheel of Time meets The Hunger Games when medieval weapons become the only weapons forcing a Blerd and his friends to become unlikely heroes as they discover a brand new meaning to riding for their hood!

When an AI defense project goes rogue trapping weapons technology in the 6th Century, the world we know it ends giving rise to new societies and Orwellian regimes. When his survival plan go awry he must use his S.C.A. honed battle skills to wage a war of survival! Cinematic prose, heart pounding action, and gritty worldbuilding combine to take readers on a provocative journey into war magic, and conspiracy!

Chase Bolling successfully delivers a genre-bending romp that is a worthy successor to both The Spook Who Sat by the Door and A Game of Thrones. If you loved Riot Baby, Black Leopard Red Wolf, Heir of Fire or The Hunger Games then the Vanguard Series is a must read!

Fractured Princess

“Crimson means the beasts are far
Gold, the beasts are near
If ever blue, do run and hide
For’t means the beasts are here”

Jonnie is a typical teenage girl, as long as you ignore the fact that as the hidden heiress to a fallen kingdom, she is hunted everywhere she goes. Stalked by the dread metal army, her loyal guardians are the only family she’s ever known. But when their blood stains her hands, Jonnie makes a choice that will uncover lost secrets and unlock her hidden potential as she changes the world of Teorre forever!

Perfect for fans The Invisible Life of Addie Larue, An Ember in the Ashes, Children of Blood and Bone, or the Graceling series, Fractured Princess is the vividly-imagined, diverse epic fantasy you've been craving! Delivered with expert storytelling and rich characterization, Debra Renée Byrd enmeshes readers in magic, danger, and mystery for a compelling YA journey!

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